SW Cowboy Church


EVERYONE is Welcome at the SW Cowboy Church. 
Have you been out feeding cattle?  Load up and come on over!
Are you just getting off work?  We would love to have you join us. 
You don't have to be a Cowboy.  You don't have to know how to ride a horse.

EVERYONE is welcome to come join us for Worship.
"Come As You Are!"

We are a small, but growing Church located in SW Oklahoma, near Altus. 

We meet every Sunday morning at 10 AM.
If you can't make it by 10... then come anyway! 
We would rather you come late than not come at all.
Some members arrive at 11 AM, when there is scheduled Break.

We worship together with singing and music, reading from the Bible,
discussion of the Scripture, Prayer and Praise.
Occasionally, we also have extra activities or lunch after church.

At our Church... we are easy going, informal, and you will not find some of the traditional things like padded pews and choir robes... 

But... you will find people who are simply there to praise God and worship together.

Please Come.  'Come As You Are'.

The original meeting place was at the Jackson County Expo Center in Altus.
we have recently moved to our Own Place located just East of Altus on Highway 62
on the North Side of the Highway just across from the new, Giant, Wheat Silos.
Our place is at the corner of Hwy 62 and Co. Rd. 211, approx 5 miles East of the Veteran's Drive x Hwy 62 intersection at the edge of Altus.

The new location is on land that has been purchased to build the NEW CHURCH BUILDING.
The plans have been drawn, the contractors and volunteers are ready, and construction will begin soon.
Meanwhile, we are meeting under the old Shed that was already on the property, until the new church building is complete.

If the weather is bad, then we will meet down the road at Charles's Barn a few miles away.  (see map below)

(None at this time)


Our First Church Service on the new property was on 3/13/11. 

We enjoyed good music and singing.

Derek Kerby in on the banjo, Johnny Mealer on the guitar, and David Stone is on the fiddle.

The members all brought food, and after Church we had a great lunch and fellowship.


The construction of the new Church Building will begin soon on part of the land that has been cleared and staked off.


Derek Kirby and his wife Cecy started the Church.  Derek can be reached at 580-591-1111.

This picture was taken of some of the members and guests who attended the first Church Service on the new land.
They are standing where the new Church Building will be built.

If the Weather is BAD... Church will be held at a Barn nearby.
Here is a map.

All of us at SW Cowboy Church
would be thrilled if you would join us for
worship and fellowship on Sunday.

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