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Pictured here 2/26/13 with a dirty winter coat (at age 22). 
He Passed away a few weeks later in a freak accident.

1991 AQHA Sorrel Stallion   Genotype: eeAa

We now have a NEW STALLION as of Oct 29, 2015
that is High % EASY JET!

NEW for 2016!
Standing At Stud


AQHA Palomino
31.25% EASY JET
with Mr San Peppy,
Poco Bueno, etc.

on dam's side

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I have always loved the EASY JET horses, and at one time, I had bred my best mare to a son of Easy Jet, and she had a beautiful colt that I kept a stallion.  I owned that stallion (My Hot Digity) for many years, and still have some of his daughters in my broodmare band today.
Then, in Jan. 2013, I had the opportunity to get a son of Easy Jet...
and I sure didn't have to think very long before I knew I wanted him.
Not only is he a son of Easy Jet, but he is also out of a AAA, Stakes Winning mare, and has a wonderful pedigree on the dam's side, with lots of proven runners, and the bloodlines of Johnny Dial, and Leo too.
My Hot Digity also had Johnny Dial on the bottom, so this made it extra special.

This stallion ("Easy") has a very sweet and willing disposition, and is still sound after many years of barrel racing, and roping.  I guess he takes after his sire, "The Iron Horse"!
But, he'll be living on 'Easy Street' from now on.

I plan to keep Easy the rest of his days, and he will be added to the breeding program.


   Pedigree for: EASY DIALA JET



si 100
Stakes Winner
Superior Race
38-27-7-2, $445,723.00
AQHA Hall of Fame
1969 World Champion Quarter Race Horse
*1969 Champion Quarter Race Stallion
*1969 Champion Quarter Race 2YO Colt
*1970 Champion Quarter Race Horse
*1970 Champion Quarter Race 3YO Colt
*Won All-American Fut., etc.

si 100
AQHA Hall of Fame
*1962 AQHA Champion Quarter Running Two Year Old Colt
*1962 AQHA Champion Quarter Running Horse
*1963 AQHA World Champion Quarter Running Horse
-Moon Deck
1950 stallion
si 95
-Top Deck
1945 TB stallion
-Moonlight Night
Dam of:
AAA Race
-Miss Night Bar
1950 Chestnut
si 95
winner of 6 races

Dam of:
Stakes Winners,
Champion Race, etc.
1946 stallion
winner of 16 races
Sire of:
AAA Race

-Belle Of Midnight
1943 mare
dam of AAA race, Race ROM, race winner
-Lena's Bar
1954 TB mare
si 95
winner of 24 races
dam of AQHA Hall of Fame,
Champion Race, World Champion race
-Three Bars
1940 TB stallion
AQHA Hall Of Fame
1923 TB stallion

-Myrtle Dee
1923 TB mare
-Lena Valenti
1946 TB mare.
One of Walter Merricks original TB race mares.
In QH races: si 85, race winner, and also was a winner in TB races
-Gray Dream
1939 TB stallion
28-10-8-3, $19,180.00
Stakes Placed
1939 TB mare
Race winner.
half sister to
Three Bars.
Dam of race winners.

-Tuff To Dial
1977 mare
si 95
Stakes Winner

dam of:
Timeto Get Tuff
si 104, race winner, Stakes Placed, Stakes winner. $108,164.00,
All American Fut.
-Tuff Boss
1966 stallion
si 100
winner of 6 races
sire of AAA race, Stakes winner
-Dandy Bar
1953 Stallion
si 95

Wins-1 2nds-0 3rds-3.
*1959 BM 400 1ST Corte Madera
*1958 BM 350 3RD San Francisco Handicap
*1959 BM 350 3RD Mt Shasta
*1959 LA 350 3RD Rossmoor Stakes.
1959 Superior Race Horse.
-Three Bars
1940 TB stallion
AQHA Hall Of Fame
-Dandy Annie
1949 mare
si 85
Race winner of 7 races.
dam of Stakes Winner, Stakes Placed winner, Race ROM, Race winner.
(sired by:
Texas Dandy
AQHA Hall of Fame
-Savannah's Deb
1961 mare
si 95
Race winner.
dam of AAA Race, Race ROM, race winners

-Spanish Fort
1955 stallion
si 95
(sired by
Three Bars)
-Savannah Gray
1946 mare
si 95
winner of 12 races.
Dam of:
AAA Race, Race winners
-Gracious Dial
1968 mare
si 94, AAA Race, Race ROM,
race winner

dam of AAA race, Race ROM, Race winners, and Stakes winners,
track record setters,

Johnny Dial

1948 stallion
Stakes winner.
Winner of the All American Futurity
-Depth Charge
1941 TB stallion
AQHA Hall of Fame
16-5-3-2, $5,943.00
Stakes Placed.
3rd: Myles Standish S.
-Black Annie
dam of AAA race, 3 Race ROMs, Stakes Winner
-My Gracious
1958 mare
si 95, AAA Race, Race ROM,
race winner.
dam of AAA Race, 8 Race ROMs, Race winner

1940 stallion
AQHA Hall of Fame
A Leading sire of AQHA Champions
-Lady Thomas Wilson
1946 mare.
dam of AQHA Champion, AAA Race, 7 race ROMs, race winners.
dam of:
AQHA Champion.
si 100, AAAT
Winner of 1964 All American Fut.

Lisa, the previous owner, gave me a few photos of foals sired by EASY DIALA JET
that she had raised and trained in Barrels.
These were originally 'paper photos' and I then took a digital photo of that... so sorry they are not better quality.
Original photos taken by: Gerald Robinson, Tulsa, OK.

This horse is sired by EASY DIALA JET.
She couldn't remember his registered name, but I'll try to get it.

ThisNurseIsEasy, sired by EASY DIALA JET.


Dial T For Texas, 2004 mare, sired by EASY DIALA JET


Smashed In Texas, 2005 gelding sired by EASY DIALA JET.


another mare sired by EASY DIALA JET.
Lisa couldn't remember her registered name, but I'll try and get it.

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