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Bedonna Dismore- Owner, 580-471-4040  Snyder, OK

Debit, and Credit Cards accepted.  Some fees may apply.
Cash, Cashier's Checks, and Bank Wires accepted.


All Broodmares


25+  Broodmares for sale

Many to pick from!
Broodmares For sale


Many for sale!

Selling many Broodmares, a couple more stallions, stallion prospects, Yearlings and foals! 
I had to cut my breeding program in half over a five year drought... and then tried to start building it again... but, a smaller operation is more practical for me at this time in my life.


I have added several nice broodmares to the program, and many will be available....


 Due to life changes, my daughter's activities, and starting another business... I will likely sell many at some point...
Because I'm going to convert part of my ranch to Cattle... and Starting a new business!
"All Breed Equine Registry"




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2018 Foals



2019 Foals

We offer foals for sale,


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WE Offer Freeze Branding






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OR CALL 580-471-4040

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Horse Customers all over the USA and
around the World!

 almost all the US States, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Wales, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Hawaii and Alaska too!
If you are from CT, MD, or RI  I'll take at least $100 off the sale price if you buy a horse!   I'm trying to have customers in Every state!




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Terms of Sales

Visa, Master Card and Discover cards accepted.
I NO LONGER accept Pay-Pal.
(Small Convenience Fee applies to sales with Credit Cards or Debit Cards.)

Custom Made
Rope Halters with Extra Knots on nose
For Sale



Payment Options:

Information on Payment Plans and Terms of Sales

Or call: 580-471-4040




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Debit Cards & Credit Cards accepted
Pay-Pal is NO LONGER accepted.
5% Convenience/office processing Fee applies to US Sales. 
6.5% Convenience/office processing Fee applies to European or other non-US sales.
The convenience/office processing fee is Waived for all Cash, Cashier Check, Money order, and Bank Wire Transfer Sales.

Click here for Information on
Payment Plans and Terms of Sales



Looking for Certain Bloodlines?   Click here to go to the Bloodline Search Chart

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