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Bedonna Dismore- Stallion Owner and Breeding Manager- 580-471-4040
Snyder, OK

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2018 Cooled Shipped Semen Breeding Contract

2018 On-Farm Breeding Contract


We Also Offer
"Custom Made" Foals...
Stallions At Stud
Blue Valentine King - AQHA
Dash For Cash N Blue -AQHA
Firewaters Image- APHA NEW for 2018!
Famous Pie -AQHA NEW for 2018!
Gold Fame N Fortune -AQHA
Go To Moons -AQHA
Mr  Poco Jessie Tivio AQHA/APHA

Oklahoma Wildfire -AQHA NEW for 2018!
Silverado Rein ApHC Appaloosa
Special French Bully -AQHA
Speedy Lil Cowboy- AQHA NEW for 2018!

Zach Blue -AQHA

Show Me The Magic -IQPA Perlino Pony
KSC Ghost Dancer -Pinto Pony (for sale)
KCS Time Traveler- Sec. A Welsh  (for sale)
KS Snowy River -Pony
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Call- 580-471-4040

Breeding Agreements
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Breeding Contracts

2018 Stallions at Stud Below....

Standing At Stud/NEW for 2018
Famous Pie si 96

Stakes placed, Brown AQHA stallion

son of Dash Ta Fame si 113,

AAA dam by Rare Form si 120,

2nd dam by Pie In The Sky si 101
(NOT for Sale)
(Click picture to see

new page under construction)






Standing At Stud

Gold Fame N Fortune
Cremello Grandson of
Dash Ta Fame

2011 AQHA Cremello Stallion
by Famous Gold Coin
(Dash Ta Fame x Queens Coin)
and out of a daughter of Bullys On Fire,

2nd dam: Futurity winner by
On The Money Red.
His first foal was born in 2014.
GUARANTEED Colored Foals Every Time!
**He is Not for sale**

(Click picture- New Page under construction)
Enrolled in the Future Fortunes
Barrel Stallion Program for the

2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Seasons!

2018 Foals for sale by this stallion

and Broodmares bred to this stallion for sale

Standing At Stud
Special French Bully

2012 Buckskin EEAACrcr

son of Bully Bullion,

dam by Frenchmans Guy
Homozygous for Dark base.
Guaranteed Color

(Non-Sorrel) foals!
(NOT for Sale)
(Click picture to see

new page under construction)

NEW! Enrolled in the Future Fortunes
Barrel Stallion Program for the

2017 and 2018 Seasons!

2016 and 2017 Colts and Fillies

 for sale by this stallion.

along with 2018 foals

and Broodmares bred to this stallion for sale






Standing at Stud
Starting in 2018!

2015 APHA stallion
Buckskin Tobiano, "Jackpot"

(click photo for more info)
Grandson of
This fancy colt is Homozygous
for Tobiano and Black!
(not for sale)
His first foals arrive in 2018
and is available for purchase

Standing At Stud

Paternal Half Brother to
A Streak A Fling!
'Party Of Six'

Sire- Streakin Six si 104 AQHA Hall of Fame
Dam- Partys Legacy si 88 by
Cash Legacy si 108, Champion Aged Stallion. 
(Click Picture)

2018 foals available

 Standing At Stud
Silverado Rein

ApHC Homozygous Stallion

I've been fascinated with
Appaloosas for years, and
now  I've Finally found
an Appaloosa Stallion
worth breeding!
Homozygous for 'Appaloosa'
and Black Base too!
(click picture)
His foals are Amazing!
He is NOT for sale.
2018 foals available


Standing At Stud
2013 Blue Roan

Sire- son of Dash For Perks
Dam- Easy Jet, Bugs Alive bred
(Not for sale)

He is 12.5% Easy Jet
18.75% Dash For Cash
15.625% Rocket Wrangler
25% Dash For Perks
(click photo to go to his page/under construction)




Standing At Stud
'Go To Moons'

SON of the Great
Marthas Six Moons -
Leading Barrel Horse sire.

'AQHA Chestnut Stallion.

Pedigree full of top Race and
Barrel performers and producers.
(Not for sale)
(click picture)

2018 Foals for sale by this stallion

Standing At Stud


25% Blue Valentine.
Homozygous for ROAN
& Homozygous Black!
(click photo for new

page under construction)


Standing at Stud

 'Dash For Cash N Blue'

AQHA 5482275
2012 Blue Roan stallion

Sire: Our Cash Policy si95
Dam: Digity Blue Wrangler
(Rocket Wrangler, Easy Jet,

Bugs Alive In 75 breeding)
He is the ONLY true Blue Roan

Grandson of Dash For Cash

in the world.
He is NOT for sale.
(Click picture- New Page under construction)

He is 25% Dash For Cash

2018 foals available






Standing At Stud
Mr Poco Jessie Tivio

(Double Dilute - EEAACrCr)
Grandson of

Poco Tivio!

25% Poco Bueno,

18.75% Jessie James. 
Approx. 97% Foundation.

Sire of the 2006 FQHR Nat'l
Champion Weanling Filly!
Guaranteed a Buckskin Foal

on all non-gray and non-cream mares!
He is NOT for sale.
(click picture)
2017 foals, and 2018 foals available


Standing At Stud

Oklahoma Wildfire
2015 AQHA Perlino stallion

(click photo for more info)
His sire by
His dam by
RARE BAR si 120,
2nd dam by
(NOT for sale)
His First Foals arrive in 2019


Future Stallion
2016 Blue Stallion

Amazing Easy Money

Sire- The Shady Money
by On The Money Red
This colt is Color Tested,
Homozygous Black
EEaaRNrn 5Panel NN.
Half Brother to:
Blue Perks &
Dash For Cash N Blue

(Next photo- 2 yrs old)



Standing at Stud
Starting in 2018!

'Speedy Lil Cowboy'
2015 Black Colt, AQHA
Foundation & Driftwood bred

(photo as a 2 year old)
his pedigree:

Tested, and Homozygous for Black (EEaa)
5 panel NN.   13.48% Driftwood.

His first foal arrives in 2018

(click picture)






 Standing At Stud
Zach Blue

(Pictured here at 22 yrs old)
1988 AQHA & FQHR Blue Roan.
Son of Azul Caballo Amigo!
He is 100% ROAN Producer and
Homozygous for Black!
Blue Valentine, Jaguar AAA,
Smarty Cat, Hard Twist AAA breeding.
Approx. 98% Foundation.
Guaranteed a Roan Foal! EEaaRNRN
(click picture)



Future Stallion
2017 AQHA Cremello

43.75% Sun Frost!
5 panel NN



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Breeding Contracts

 More Reference Sires
at bottom of this page.


Or call: 580-471-4040

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Terms of Sales
Payment Plan info.



I will also accept trades for stud services.  I'll trade for top quality alfalfa or grass hay (horse quality- delivered to my ranch). 
I will also consider trading stud fees for saddles or trailers and possibly Cattle.  No junk.


 Frequently Asked Questions



PONY Stallions

Standing At Stud
Smokey Cream Homozygous Tobiano Pony Stallion

47" tall. 
This fancy pony is registered with Pinto.
He is Homozygous for Tobiano and Cream!
ALL his foals will be Colored!
ALL his foals will have Tobiano/Paint markings, and ALL will have a Cream gene and be Palomino, Smokey Black, or Buckskin Colored!
Click Photo for more info and
photos of some of his foals


Standing At Stud

KCS Time Traveler
Registered Sec. A Welsh stallion
Grullo Roan + Cream 

Click picture

Standing At Stud
KS Snowy River
Perlino Pony Stallion

 45" tall, ASPC registered Perlino Pony stallion.
He sires 100% color!  EeAACrCr.
He is Offered to the public for breeding.
Pony and Horse mares accepted.
On=Farm A.I.

Standing At Stud
Show Me The Magic
Perlino Pony stallion
IQPA Registered

13.0 hands, Welsh cross
Homozygous Cream

Future Stallion
Little Boy Blue

2016 Blue Roan Pony stallion
7/8ths Welsh Pony


 (photo as a yearling)
Sire- Time Traveler, Sec A Welsh

Dam-Tail Feathers, 3/4 Welsh


Stallion prospect

KCS Ghostbuster
Registered Pinto stallion
IQPA registration in progress

2015 stallion
Homozygous Tobiano

For sale

Amazing Eclipse

Blue Roan Tobiano Quarter-Pony Colt!
Foaled 4/28/17 
IQPA registered

Sire- Zach Blue-AQHA
Dam- registered Half Welsh










Visa, Discover, & Master Card Accepted for purchases and stud services.

PayPal now accepted too.


Payment Plans &
Terms of Sales









Horse Customers


 in Most States, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Wales, France and Czech Republic too!
And... now customers in Hawaii and Brazil !

If you are from NJ, CT, MD, or RI  I'll take $100 off the sale price if you buy a horse!   I'm trying to have customers in Every state!



Reference Sires:

These stallions are NOT Standing At Stud, but are listed as Reference Sires.
They are not currently owned by me, but are the sires of some of the foals for sale, or broodmares I raised, etc.


Reference Stallion

Chasin My Dreams,
2012 Perlino EeAACrCr

2018 foals available

Reference stallion
Midnight Cool

By Midnight Corona,
by Mr Jess Perry
His dam is by
Rocket Wrangler
(click picture for more info.
New page under Construction)


The Shady Money

15.2 Black Son of
On The Money Red
Dam by Thymus Jet
2nd dam by Lady Bugs Moon.

Enrolled in the Future Fortunes
Barrel Stallion Program for the

2015 and 2016 Seasons!

2016, 2017, and 2018 Foals for sale by this stallion

One of the LAST SONS of
World Champion Race Horse
and Legendary Sire.
'Easy Diala Jet'

This fantastic stallion looks So Much like his sire!
He will be part of my breeding program
for the rest of his days.

He Died in 2013.







AQHA Black Stallion.
Son of Dash For Perks.
Dam is a AAA daughter of
By Yawl.
His 2013 Blue Roan son

Now standing at stud !!
Blue Perks is
Guaranteed Color!

sold/reference sire
Exported to Brazil in 2011

Son of
Dash For Cash si 114.
'Our Cash Policy'

si 95, AAA Race winner,
High Point NM Aged Stallion.
out of AAA daughter of Reb's Policy.
Half brother to:
-First Down Dash
-Dash For Perks
(click picture)
His 2012 Blue Roan colt:
"Dash For Cash N Blue"

(the only know True Blue Roan

grandson of Dash For Cash in the world)
is now in our

breeding program

SOLD/Reference Stallion
SON of
"Sinnsuous Firewater"

Congrats- Bridget in CO

I kept back one of his daughters to be part of my breeding program


Reference sire:
Son of
Fire Water Flit
Leading Barrel Sire.
'Zanton Firewater

Gone but not forgotten.
(Click picture)
I have some of his daughters
in my breeding program.








SOLD/reference sire
Allthat N Abagachips

'02 AQHA Perlino
(Smokey Cream Roan)
Son of PC Bronsin, by

Sun Frost, sire of BOZO!
Bloodlines also include Driftwood, Leo, Poco Bueno, King, Yellow Jacket,  Red Man, Pretty Boy...
Approx. 78% Foundation blood.
I have some of his daughters in my Broodmare band.

Grandsons and Granddaughters of this stallion for sale

reference sire/Retired

My Hot Digity  1992-2015

Easy Jet, Bugs Alive In75,

Three Chicks, Johnny Dial,

Jet Deck, Top Moon, Leo,

& Three Bars breeding.
Sires great Barrel & All-Around horses.
(I have some of his daughters in my broodmare band)
Grandsons and Granddaughters of this stallion for sale












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