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Frequently Asked Questions...

I get a lot of questions about breeding, stud fees, shipped semen, etc. and I find myself answering the same

questions for lots of people...  So, I decided to put some of these answers in print, so people

can easily get answers to their questions.

General Breeding Questions:

Do you offer any Discounts?
Yes.  In 2010... I'm once again going to offer discounted breedings to customers via shipped semen!  To help promote my new stallions, increase the numbers of foals by my stallions, and make breeding to all my stallions Very Affordable...
I'm going to give *FREE or Discounted Stud Fees to many of my stallions via Shipped Semen, and also for 'Haul-In' customers.  There will NOT be any Chute fees or Stud fees for these customers!   This is for US Customers.  A one-time Booking/Office Fee of $150 per mare, per season is charged to guarantee a breeding for that mare to that stallion for that season and cover shipped semen permits, and administrative costs.  The cost of Semen Collection, Semen Evaluation, Testing, Processing, Packaging, and Overnight Shipping will be the responsibility of the mare owner which is a fee of $250 or less.   'Haul-In' breeding can also be done for $225 or less.  Multiple Mare discounts will lower costs.  Choice of many stallions, and get *FREE Stud Fees if booked by 2/15/10!  Or, get 'Half-Priced' Stud Fees to many stallions if breeding via cooled shipped semen.  Breed as many mares as you want to!  See contracts for details.  Some restrictions apply to AQHA Dilute gene mares and AQHA Dilute gene stallions.

Breeding Contracts

2010 'Early Bird' Shipped Semen Contract
(Stud Fee waived if Booked by 2/15/10.  Just pay Booking/Office fee and Collection/Shipping Fees.)

2010 'Half-Priced' Shipped Semen Contract
(Stud Fee only $300 for many stallions.
Booking/Office Fee included.
Collection/Shipping Fees apply.)

2010 Shipped Semen Contract for
(Introductory Offer for 2010 only.)

Click here for 2010 Collection Schedule
2010 Stallion Collection Schedule

Click here for
Helpful Hints for Management of Mares bred with Shipped Semen.
This info. also useful for Mare Owners who plan to 'Haul-In' mares for Insemination.

2010 'Haul-In' Breeding Contract
(Stud Fee waived.  Just pay Booking/Office Fee and Collection/Insemination fees.)

2010 'On-Farm' Breeding Contract.
(For mares who are managed and bred A.I. on the farm.)

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When is Breeding Season?
The 2010 season is scheduled to start around the middle of February and go through mid July 2010.  Dates are subject to change.

What is a Booking/Office Fee?

A Booking Fee is a fee paid to Guarantee the Mare Owner a breeding to a Particular stallion for that season.  The Mare is "Booked" to that stallion.  It also covers administrative costs, etc. The "Stud Fee" Includes the Booking Fee.  The Booking Fee is paid in advance, or when the mare arrives at the farm for breeding.  The Balance of the stud fee is due when mare is dropped off for breeding or is paid prior to the first shipment for customers ordering shipped semen. 

Do I get a Guarantee with me Breeding?

Yes, the Breeding comes with a Live Foal Guarantee.  If the breeding does not result in a Live Foal, then the Mare Owner may rebreed the Mare, or an approved substitute mare, the same season or the following year.  Booking/Office Fees and Shipped Semen Fees will apply for rebreeds.  Mare Care and on-farm expenses will apply if a mare is rebred on the farm.

Do I get this Guarantee in Writing?

Yes, there is a Contract for Breeding that has all Guarantees, and details in writing.  Contracts can be down-loaded from this site.  See Contract links above.

Do you accept Unregistered or Grade Mares for breeding?

Yes, I do accept Mares that are not registered.  I may require recent photos of the mares to approve her conformation and size.  Most of the resulting foals could be eligible for registration with the Buckskin, Palomino, Pinto, or Half Quarter Horse Registries. I don't breed very small pony or mini mares to the full sized stallions.

Do you accept Draft mares, Gated mares, Arabians, or other breeds of mares other than Quarter Horses and Paints?

Yes, I accept most breeds of mares, including Draft mares, as long as they are safe, and manageable.   I do Not accept very small ponies.   If the resulting foal will be eligible for registration through an association other than AQHA or APHA, and the Mare Owner wishes to register the foal, then Mare owner will be responsible for fees associated with listing stallions, memberships, shipped semen permits, etc. for that foal to be eligible. 

Can my foal be registered... even if my mare is not registered?
Yes.  Foals by my AQHA or APHA stallions can be registered with the Half Quarter Horse Registry.  I'd be glad to sign the breeder's certificates, and applications for registration. 
Also, Palomino foals can be registered with the Palomino Breeders club.  All Buckskin and Dun foals can be registered with the Buckskin clubs, and all Paint colored foals can be registered with the Pinto club.  Please check with these associations for specific and current registration requirements.

Does my Mare need any extra care prior to being bred?

Make sure your mare is in good health, updated on her shots, and worming.  A current Coggins test is also required. A simple Pre-Breeding exam by a Vet by Palpation and Ultrasound is recommended, especially if your mare has had any reproductive problems.  If your mare has never been bred, or no problems are suspected, then a Pre-Breeding exam might be unnecessary.  Mares will be examined here immediately upon arrival. 

What information about my Mare will you need?

If your mare is registered, then I will need a photo copy of her registration papers, front and back, showing you as the current owner.  Send the copy of the papers with your Booking fee and contract, or bring it with you when you bring the mare for breeding.  If the mare is registered, but has not been put in your name yet...  then take care of the transfer prior to breeding.  I will NOT breed mares that are owned by someone other than yourself.  The actual owner of the mare must sign the breeding contract.  Official Leases are also accepted.

Questions about Cooled SHIPPED SEMEN...

What is the most important factor for shipped semen?
Communication!  It is very important that the mare owner and/or mare owner's vet stay in touch with the stallion manager so that can work together to plan for semen shipping when it is needed.  Also, different stallions are collected on different days, and so the vet must order semen accordingly. 

Can you tell me about Shipped Semen? 

Shipped Semen is offered to my customers.  The semen has to be collected just prior to shipment.  It is evaluated, tested, processed, and packaged for shipment.  The cooled semen is sent via FedEx for overnight delivery.

How do I know when my mare needs to be bred?

Your Vet or Reproduction Facility will need to examine your mare by Ultrasound to determine when she is approaching Ovulation.  The semen is ordered toward the end of her cycle so that she is inseminated just prior to Ovulation.  Injections to help her ovulate are also usually given when she is inseminated.

How will I know if she got pregnant?

Your Vet or Reproduction Facility can Ultrasound your mare 14 to 18 days after ovulation to determine if she is pregnant.  Results must be reported to Stallion Station immediately.

What will the stallion farm charge me to ship cooled semen? 

Shipped Semen if offered on most stallions.  A flat Collection/Shipping Fee is charged to cover the cost of Semen Collection, Evaluation, Processing, Packaging, and overnight Fed Ex Shipping of the semen.  Due to the rising costs of semen supplies and the increased cost in over night shipping, the fee for shipping is now $250. for 2010.  Delivery on Saturdays also requires an additional $25 fee.  Shipping is available anywhere within the US states.
Hopefully, the timing will be good, and the mare will conceive the first time, and there will not be a need for additional shipments. 

What is the semen shipped in?

I use a lightweight container called an "Equine Express II".  It can hold one or two doses of semen and it is designed specifically for shipping cooled semen.   The cost of the shipping container is $35.  It can be returned, and reused for additional shipments if all the parts are intact, and it is returned in good condition.  If the container is not returned, and an addition shipment is ordered... then the mare owner will be required to purchase another container.

Is there any information about Shipped Semen that I can read?

Yes, there is a good book called "Shipping Semen? How to Have a Successful Experience" by Penny Ahmed. 150 pages.  I personally have reviewed this book, and it is informative and thorough, yet simple enough to be understood by owners new to reproduction or breeding.

Is there Paperwork involved with shipped semen?

Yes, with registered horses, there are required forms, and insemination reports that MUST be filled out, and sent to the breed associations, and back to the stallion owner.  The paperwork isn't complicated, but it must be completed according to association rules.  Insemination Reports are also required for unregistered mares, and should be returned to the stallion owner.


Questions concerning ON-FARM Breedings...

Do I have to pay for Palpations, Ultrasounds, Inseminations, Collections, or Pregnancy checks for my mare while being bred at your farm?
Usually Not.  These services are Included with paid breedings to my stallions for the first cycle.  Stud Fees for 2010 for on-farm breedings will be $600. to many of the stallions.  (AQHA Dilute gene mares bred to AQHA Dilute gene stallions are Private Treaty)  The 2010 paid Stud Fee includes collections and inseminations for the first cycle, up to 6 ultrasounds for the first cycle, and also a pregnancy check.  Most mares get in foal here on the first cycle, and rarely is a mare bred through a second cycle.  Usually, if a mare needs bred a second time... it is because she failed to conceive on her foal heat, or has some reproductive problems.   If the mare fails to conceive in the first cycle, then there will be a chute fee of $250 associated with breeding her a second time.  These fees cover the costs of sterile breeding and collection supplies and materials, and time and cost involved with rebreeding including palpations and ultrasounds..

(Donated Services, Return Breedings, or Retained Breedings to stallions will have to pay for these services.)

Who pays for the grain, hay, and care of my mare while at the breeding farm?

These expenses are covered in your Mare Care fee if she is fed the same feed as all the other mares on the farm.  Mare Care is charged to cover the costs of  feed and care of the Mare for each day that she is at the breeding farm.  Hay, Feed, and Labor costs have gone up drastically is the last few years.  2010 Mare care will be $12/Day for Dry mares, and $15/Day for Mares with Foals.  If there are special care requirements, or special stalling requirements for the mare, then Mare Care may be slightly higher.  If your mare has special needs, please inform Breeder. 

Will my mare be Pasture bred?   Live Cover?  or bred by A.I.?

For the safety of mares, foals at side, and stallions...  all mares are inseminated.   This is also for better fertility, and sanitation.  Plus, all semen is evaluated prior to insemination to insure fertility and quality.  Therefore, mares accepted at the farm for breeding MUST be GENTLE and easy to handle.  These mare will need to be easy to lead into the stocks for exams, etc. and must be safe to ultrasound and inseminate.  If mares are hard to handle, unsafe, or present a danger to themselves or staff, they will Not be bred, and will be sent home immediately.

My mare does Not show heat.  I never know when she is in season.  We have tried to breed her, and she won't accept a stallion.  Can you help me get my mare pregnant?
Yes, I can help you with your mare.  There are a lot of mares that do not show heat well, and breeding live cover can be difficult or impossible.  Not to mention dangerous for everyone involved.  I deal with many mares like this every year, including a few of my own.  The mares are usually cycling just fine on the inside, but not showing heat outwardly to the stallion.  Many mares will Not accept a stallion for breeding, even if they do show heat.  Not a problem here.  As long as she is ovulating, we can inseminate her, and should be able to get her in foal.  She is monitored by Ultrasound.  Breeding by A.I. eliminates the stress and danger of breeding mares like these, and also eliminates risk to a newborn foal at her side.

When can my Mare go home?

After mares are bred, and ovulation is confirmed, the Mare Owner is welcome to come pick up the mare.  I do not require that the mares stay here until the mare is pronounced in foal.  Mares can stay here longer if mare owner chooses, and leave after being checked in foal.  The decision is made by the mare owner.  Mares may also be returned to farm for pregnancy checks.  (I am not a Boarding Facility, and pregnant mares need to be picked up promptly.)

What vet care does my mare have to have before being bred?

I require that mares be in good health, and free from infectious or contagious disease.  Mares should be vaccinated within 60 days prior to arriving at the farm for EW Sleeping Sickness, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, and I also require West Nile and Rabies.  Mares should be dewormed also.  Proof is required.  A current Neg. Coggins is also required, within 6 months.  Mares that do not meet these requirements will be sent home.

I have a Buckskin or Palomino mare, and I want to breed her to your Buckskin stallion.  I've been told that is my best chance of a Buckskin with her.  But, I've been told I may get a foal with blue eyes, and pink skin.  I don't want a pink skinned foal.  What are my odds?
I get this question a lot.  Yes, breeding a Buckskin to a Buckskin gives you a great chance of a Buckskin foal.  However, there is also a slim chance of a "Pink" foal from this cross.  We used to call these "Pink" foals Albinos, but we now know they are Cremellos, and Perlinos.  They sunburn easily, and there a few other management problems with them.  Any Palomino or Buckskin, bred to another Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, or Perlino... could result in a "Pink" foal.   The odds are slim, but it could happen.  I'd be glad to discuss the specific odds for your mare, and my stallion if you have concerns.  

What if I don't want a 'Pink" foal, but I get one?
If you breed your Palomino or Buckskin mare to one of my stallions, and she produces a "Pink" foal...  but you don't want a pink foal... then I'll rebreed the mare for free.  You can bring the mare, and the "pink" foal back for a rebreed.  I'll cover the Mare Care, and expenses for her to be rebred, and I'll continue to take care of her until the foal is old enough to wean.  I'll keep the "pink" foal and you can pick up your pregnant mare.  You won't have to pay for the second breeding, and I'll keep the first foal.  I only offer this foal exchange/rebreed offer for registered foals.

Questions about Mare Management for Receiving Shipped Semen

My vet doesn't have an Ultrasound Machine, and has never dealt with Shipped Semen.   But, I want to breed my Mare to a stallion via Shipped Semen.  Can you help me breed my mare?
Yes.  If you want to bring your mare to my facility, and have me manage your mare for you, then I can do that.  One of my regular customers has asked me to do this for them, and I have agreed.  We have bred several mares here, by ordering cooled semen, and inseminating the mares here, under my management.  The first year we received Shipped Semen here, we had a 100% success rate with their mares, and all but one conceived on the first try.  Only one mare took 2 cycles.  I have had several seasons with successful Shipped Semen breedings now.  I'll offer this service to other Mare Owners too.  I will monitor your mare here, and keep track of her cycle by Ultrasound exam.  When she approaches ovulation, I can order the semen from the stud farm, and inseminate your mare here.  Pregnancy exams can also be done here.  She can stay here and I'll take care of the breeding for you.  Please call me to discuss your mare if this breeding option interests you.  Stud fees, stud contracts, and guarantees are between the mare owner and stallion owner.  I act as a manager only. 


Other questions and answers will be added as needed.  Meanwhile, if you did not get the answer to your question, or have a suggestion for an additional Q&A, please let me know.  Thanks, Bedonna

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