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NOTE- I've always loved all breeds of horses and ponies and some of my best memories as a kid involved the neighborhood kids and our ponies and horses...
I've raised a few ponies over the years... and especially since my daughter started learning to ride a pony in 2015...
my Interest and appreciation of Ponies and their wonderful Qualities has a Special Place in my heart and in our lives...

So .... we Added several new Pony Stallions and pony mares to our program.
We are also going to offer Owners of PONY Mares the opportunity to breed to our well bred Performance Horse stallions.

Crossing Horse Mares to Pony stallions and crossing Pony Mares with larger stallions

can all now be done safely with Artificial Insemination!

MANY Ponies for Sale



KCS Time Traveler
2013 Reg. Sec. A Welsh Stallion

Grullo Roan + Cream
All foals eligible for registration.
Breeding come with a
"Colored Foal Guarantee"
$4500 nego



 Bay (EEAA)  48" tall  ("Tony") 1998?
He is Homozygous for the
Black Base gene

and all his foals will be Dark Base Colors.
Bred to different Colors of Mares...
His foals will be Bay, Black Bay,
Buckskin, Bay Roan, Blue Roan, etc.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel foal!
(Click photo or Here for his page, with additional photos)
 This stallion was reportedly bred successfully Live Cover with previous owner.  I have collected a few times, and his count and motility are not good enough for shipped semen.
I am offering him as a teasing stallion, but can't guarantee his fertility.
Previous owner reported that he was broke to ride and pull, but I can't confirm that.
SUPER gentle stallion.
$500 obo/to great home
2015 Registered Pinto Pony
IQPA registration in progress

This fancy pony colt was purchased
specifically for our Pony Breeding program.
He is Color tested, and is
Smokey Black, Homozygous Tobiano!
He will sire 100% Paint foals!
He is expected to mature around 13.0 to 13.2
I have not bred this stallion yet.
He could be used for breeding or riding.
Sound and healthy.
$3500 nego/make offer

 Welsh mare

2000 Chestnut Splash Silver Pony mare.
eeAanZ + Splashed white around 12 hands tall
Minimus was another one of of my daughter's
 riding ponies, but my daughter is too big for
 her now, and so I raised a foal with her (born in 2017).
Mare is color tested and carries a Silver gene.

Granddaughter of
On The Money Red !
Chocolate Covered Money
Filly, foaled 5/02/17
IQPA registered
(photo 1/08/18)

Sire- THE SHADY MONEY, by On The Money Red
dam- IQPA 13.3 hand mare
Filly expected to mature around 14.0+ hands.
very athletic, and fast
excellent Barrel or Performance prospect
$1800 with payments considered.
OR... $750 firm, paid in full now

"Lady Jasmine"
13.2 Bay
IQPA Quarter/Pony mare

2012, Cute, nice moving
Quarter-Pony mare
with a kind disposition.
She had a foal in 2017
(Buckskin filly, also for sale)




Bay pony mare
never bred
was a riding pony





Roll The Dice
11.1 hand pony mare
IQPA registered
one blue eye
She had a foal in 2017
left open
sweet pony, and could
be a lead line pony



Registered Pinto stallion

Smokey Cream Homozygous Tobiano PONY Stallion
EeaaCRCRTT       around 47" tall(I plan to get an exact height soon)
"Dancer" is Homozygous for the Creme & Tobiano genes...
so all his foals will have a Cream gene & Tobiano gene.... so,
bred to Sorrels.... all his foals will be Palomino paint, Buckskin paint, Smokey Black paint...
and bred to Dark Colors (Bay, Black)
most of the foals will be Buckskin paint and Smokey Black paints.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel, Bay, or Solid foal!
(Click his picture or this link to go to his page with more info, and photos of foals) 





"Quarter Pony"
IQPA registered
expected to mature around 13. to 14.0? hands

Tivios Lil Jasmine

Buckskin Filly, foaled 5/09/17
Blaze, 4 socks
$1500 with payments considered, or $750 firm. paid in full
Very smart, and good natured filly

Black Beauty
Black pony mare

around 13 hands? I need to measure her...
Not bred
was previously a riding pony
KCS Raven
Registered Half Welsh
Registered IQPA

2009 Smokey Black Pony mare
Splashed White, 12.2
Not bred in 2017, and
sells open to breed in 2018
Halter broke, but never started under saddle

Oz Daze Glynda
2006 Registered Section A Welsh

2006 Red Roan Pony mare 
(Grullo Roan + Cream)
for a 2018 foal
Will sell as a package, mare, and 2018 foal
$2000 nego


Miss Bayley

13.3 Bay/Dun, 2013
 IQPA Quarter-pony 
Currently bred to KCS GHOST DANCER
for a 2018 Buckskin Tobiano,
Palomino Tobiano, or Smokey
Black Tobiano IQPA/Pinto foal.
Package Deal- Mare, and 2018 foal


"Blue Nellie"
2008 Blue Roan/Varnish Pony mare
13.2-13.3 hands
IQPA registered

VERY Smart, and Good natured
POA type Mare.  EeAaLPlp
She has nice movement
 and a SUPER Disposition!
for a 2018 Appaloosa IQPA foal.






The Following are NOT for sale at this time


Pony Stallion At Stud

registered ASPC stallion

2006 Perlino (EeAACRCR)  45" tall
"Snowy" is Homozygous for the Creme gene...
so all his foals will have a Cream gene.... so,
bred to Sorrels.... all his foals will be Palomino or Buckskin...
and bred to Dark Colors (Bay, Black)
most of the foals will be Buckskins.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel foal!
(**Click photo or Here to go to his page**)

Pony Stallion At Stud
Show Me The Magic
13.0 hand Perlino

All foals eligible for registration.
Breeding come with a
"Colored Foal Guarantee"




 KCS Tiny TailFeathers
Registered Half-Welsh

2011 Blue Roan Tobiano
Pony mare
(Not for sale)
Peaches N Cream
IQPA 2016 filly
Red Dun Roan Tobiano
(Not for sale)
Sweet Dreams
IQPA 2016 Grullo Tobiano + Cream
(Not for sale)


Sweet Lil Cupcake
2013 IQPA EeaaT_

13.1 Black Tobiano mare
currently bred to our AQHA Black stallion,
Speedy Lil Cowboy for a
2018 Black or Black Tobiano IQPA foal.
(Her 2018 foal is for sale)
 KCS Hy-Fashion
2012 mare, 12.2
Registered Half-Welsh
Registered IQPA

Black Tobiano Pony mare.
(Not for sale)
Hello Darlin
2002 APPA registered
IQPA registered

12.3 Bay Tobiano Pony mare 
(Not for sale)
I use her for a teasing pony


(Not for sale)
I use her for a teasing pony
"Apache Princess"
13.3 hand Bay Tovero
2011 IQPA Quarter/Pony mare

Gorgeous, well built mare! 
She is built exactly like a 15 hand horse...
just in a smaller package. 
She is very quick, and athletic, and EXTREMELY Fast!!!!
   Broke to ride.
Currently bred to SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY for a 2018 foal.
(2018 foal is for sale) or would make a package with mare
Little Boy Blue
Blue Roan Tobiano
2016 Pony stallion

 I plan to keep him for a stallion
"Apple Dumplin"
2003? mare

13.3 hand mare
broke to ride
had a foal in 2017
we plan to put her back under saddle
Amazing Eclipse
Blue Roan Tobiano Pony Colt!
Foaled 4/28/17
I plan to keep him for a stallion prospect! 
Strawberry Shortcake
2009 Quarter Pony mare, 13.2  eeaaRN_
IQPA registered
This mare was being ridden when I bought her, but I want to raise foals...
Currently In-Foal to
for a 2018 IQPA foal








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