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Last updates on this page done on 3/09/16. 


UPDATE_ 2/27/16
I need to update this page.
I have NEW pony stallions, and mares that need to be Added...


NOTE- I've always loved all breeds of horses and ponies and some of my best memories as a kid involved the neighborhood kids and our ponies and horses...
I've raised a few ponies over the years... and especially since my daughter started learning to ride a pony in 2015...
my Interest and appreciation of Ponies and their wonderful Qualities has a Special Place in my heart and in our lives...

So, starting in 2016.... we are Adding several new Pony Stallions to our program.
We are also going to offer Owners of PONY Mares the opportunity to breed to our well bred Performance Horse stallions.

Crossing Horse Mares to Pony stallions and crossing Pony Mares with larger stallions

can all now be done safely with Artificial Insemination!

We Have Pony Stallions!

Pony Stallion At Stud

Smokey Cream Homozygous Tobiano PONY Stallion
EeaaCrCrTT       around 47" tall(I plan to get an exact height soon)
"Dancer" is Homozygous for the Creme & Tobiano genes...
so all his foals will have a Cream gene & Tobiano gene.... so,
bred to Sorrels.... all his foals will be Palomino paint, Buckskin paint, Smokey Black paint...
and bred to Dark Colors (Bay, Black)
most of the foals will be Buckskin paint and Smokey Black paints.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel, Bay, or Solid foal!
(Click his picture or this link to go to his page with more info, and photos of foals)
Pony Stallion At Stud

 Bay (EEAA)  48" tall  ("Tony")
He is Homozygous for the
Black Base gene

and all his foals will be Dark Base Colors.
Bred to different Colors of Mares...
His foals will be Bay, Black Bay,
Buckskin, Bay Roan, Blue Roan, etc.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel foal!
(Click photo or Here for his page, with additional photos)


Pony Stallion At Stud


2006 Perlino (EeAACrCr)  45" tall
"Snowy" is Homozygous for the Creme gene...
so all his foals will have a Cream gene.... so,
bred to Sorrels.... all his foals will be Palomino or Buckskin...
and bred to Dark Colors (Bay, Black)
most of the foals will be Buckskins.
He CAN'T sire a Sorrel foal!
(**Click photo or Here to go to his page**)


AQHA, APHA, and Appaloosa Stallions at Stud
(Offered for breeding with Pony & full-sized Mares)


Standing At Stud
Mr Poco Jessie Tivio

(Double Dilute - EEAACrCr)
Grandson of

Poco Tivio!

25% Poco Bueno,

18.75% Jessie James. 
Approx. 97% Foundation.

Sire of the 2006 FQHR Nat'l
Champion Weanling Filly!
Guaranteed a Buckskin Foal

on all non-gray and non-cream mares!
He is NOT for sale.
(click picture)
*NOTE- This 14.1-14.2 stallion

has been crossed on Pony Mares in the past

 New for 2017
Standing At Stud


Blue Roan EEaaRNRN
Homozygous for Roan

& Homozygous for Black!


Standing At Stud
Special French Bully,

2012 Buckskin EEAACrcr

son of Bully Bullion,

dam by Frenchmans Guy
Homozygous for Dark base.
Guaranteed Color

(Non-Sorrel) foals!
(he is NOT for sale)
His first foals arrive in 2016
(Click picture to see

new page under construction)

*NOTE- This stallion measures 15.0 hands

at 3 1/2 years old.



Standing At Stud

Chasin My Dreams,
2012 Perlino EeAACrCr

His sire by Frenchmans Guy,

His dam by Alive N Firen,
Bugs Alive In 75, Firewater Flit bred...
Guaranteed Colored Foals!
His first foals arrive in 2016.
He sires 100% Color.

(He is NOT for sale)

(Click picture- New Page under construction)
*NOTE- This stallion measures 14.3 at the

 age of 3 1/2 years old.

Standing At Stud
Silverado Rein
ApHC Homozygous Stallion

I've been fascinated with
Appaloosas for years, and
now  I've Finally found
an Appaloosa Stallion
worth breeding!
Homozygous for 'Appaloosa'
and Black Base too!
(click picture)
His foals are Amazing!
He is NOT for sale.

*NOTE- This stallion measures 15.0-15.1

Future Stallion
2015 Pinto Pony Colt

This fancy pony colt was purchased
specifically for our Pony Breeding program.
He is Color tested, and is
Smokey Black, Homozygous Tobiano!
He will sire 100% Paint foals!
He is expected to mature around 13.0 to 13.2
Future stallion
"Magic" 2014 Perlino Colt

(better picture coming later)
He is half Welsh pony and expected to mature
between 12.2 and 13.0.

Future Stallion
2015 Black AQHA Colt

Homozygous for Black!
This Driftwood & Foundation bred
Colt will be added to the Stallion
Line-Up when he matures.
Mature height expected to be
around 14.2-14.3?





PONY Broodmares
We already had a couple Pony Mares, and we have now added a few more Pony Mares to our program!

Oz Daze Glynda
Registered Section A Welsh

2007 Red Roan Pony mare

KCS Hy-Fashion
Registered Half-Welsh

2012 Black Tobiano Pony mare.

KCS Tiny TailFeathers
Registered Half-Welsh

2011 Blue Roan Tobiano Pony mare
Hello Darlin
APPA registered

12.2 Bay Tobiano Pony mare
KCS Raven
Registered Half Welsh

2009 Smokey Black Pony mare

Arizona Thistle
Welsh x Shetland

Bay Pony mare




 Welsh mare

2000 Chestnut Splash Pony mare.
She is helping kids learn to ride!














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