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- Silverado Rein -

(dirty and in pasture condition in this photo)

More photos of him at bottom of page.

Updated photos of Silverado, now 10 years old, and here with a winter coat.




2006 Black, few Spot, ApHC registered Appaloosa Stallion.   15.1 hands.  EEaaLPLP.  5 panel NEG.

He is  HOMOZYGOUS for the LP/'Appaloosa pattern' gene, and

HOMOZYGOUS for the Black base gene too.  Also Agouti is aa.  Testing complete.
genotype: EEaaLPLP


2019 Stud Fee: $750
multiple mare discounts available
and if bred On-Farm...  1st Collection & A.I. for 1st cycle is FREE
and if bred by Cooled Shipped Semen... 1st Collection/Semen processing is FREE.
Actual FedEx fees apply to all shipments.


On-Farm A.I. available with
1st Collection and 1st A.I. Inclided

Cooled Shipped Semen Offered
1st Collection Included
Actual FedEx fees apply

click here for contracts-

2019 On-Farm Breeding Contract

2019 Cooled Shipped Semen Contract




This means that ALL his foals will inherit a Dark colored Base and the LP/Appaloosa gene!
See Color Chart at bottom of page for foal color possibilities with different colored mares.

I Have always been interested in Appaloosa horses.  My grandfather, Papa Pete, used to own and breed a few Appaloosas.  My grandpa Bill used to own and ride an Appaloosa too.  They are a very unique and versatile breed, and I have looked for years to add some to my program. 
After around 10 years of looking... I finally found a worthy mare, and added her to the program in 2011.  Her first foal was born in 2012... and my enthusiasm for Appaloosas grew enormously. 
Then, in November of 2012, I ran across a stallion for sale.  His owners were retiring, and they were no longer going to be raising foals.  This stallion had the traits I was looking for:  Great Disposition, Good Foundation and Performance bloodlines, Homozygous Lp (Appaloosa Pattern) gene and a good color producer, Good Feet and legs with hocks low to the ground, pretty head, pretty ears, long neck, good hip, and a thick long mane and tail...   So, I made the journey to go and get him.  He is a very kind and gentle horse, and has a cooperative nature. 
His foals are Amazing!

ALL his Appaloosa FOALS can be Registered with ApHC or OTHER registries.
If the Mare is an ApHC, AQHA, TB (Jockey Club), or registered Arab...
the foal can be registered with ApHC.
If the foal is from one of these same breeds, OR another breed, such as:
Pinto, Friesian, Saddlebred, Tennessee Walker, a Draft horse, or an Unregistered mare...
the Appaloosa foal can be registered with one of the Spotted, or International spotted sport horse registries.
If the mare is a small mare or pony, and the Appaloosa Foal matures to be 14.0 or Less,
then the foal can be registered with the POAC (Ponies Of America Club).
If crossed with ponies... the foals can be registered with IQPA.


2019 Foals available before born...   

2019 Foals




2018 Colt
Dashin Silverado Jet

Dam- granddaughter of
Easy Jet

2018 Colt
Silverados Blue Comet

Dam- Blue Nellie IQPA

2018 Foal
owned by one of my customers
2018 Colt, born in Alaska
(conceived via cooled shipped)




2017 Filly - SOLD


2015 Colt- Sold

dam- granddaughter of Marthas Six Moons





2015 Filly- Sold




2014 Leopard Colt

pictured above at 3 months old
and below JAN 2015 with winter coat
And next photo taken as a long yearling

Dam- Ms Digity Six Moons- Sorrel AQHA mare
(granddaughter of
Marthas Six Moons)
Dam has all speed pedigree.





2014 filly- sold




2013 Colt- SOLD
dam- Cow/Cutting bred AQHA mare with several crosses to King



SILVERADO REIN had 4 foal crops prior to my purchase.  Most of the dams were AQHA foundation/cow bred mares.
If you own or know of one of these foals born in 2012, 2011, 2010, or 2009...
I'd love to hear from you.

Here are some of his other foals...
Many of these foals are out of Foundation/Cow bred mares, and buyers had planned to show them in

Reining, Working Cow Horse, Roping, and Barrel Racing events.

Many of the following photos of foals are courtesy of Tara, the daughter of his previous owners.


2012 foals

(If you currently own one of these foals, I'd love to hear from you...)

"    "
2012 filly
dam:  ApHC, Bar Tee Tuo

"   "
2012 colt
dam:  AQHA Bay, Bar Tee Angel
and same colt as a weanling.
Sorry, picture is bad lighting.
"  "
2012 Black filly
dam:  AQHA Palomino, Bar Tee JJ
and same filly as a weanling. 
Sorry picture is bad.

"    "
2012 Bay Roan colt
dam:  AQHA Palomino, Bar T Matilda.
and same foal as a weanling.
sorry, for bad lighting.
"        "

2012 filly
dam: AQHA mare, Bar Tee CC 
 "    "
2012 Black filly
dam:  AQHA Bay,




2011 foals



2011 Black filly
Dam: AQHA Palomino 

2011 leopard filly
dam: AQHA, Bar Tee Leslie
and Bar Tee Cherokee as a weanling.
sorry for bad lighting.

 2011 Bay filly
dam: ApHC, Bar Tee Tuo

2011 filly
dam:  AQHA Bay,


 2011 colt leopard Colt
dam: AQHA Palomino mare, Bar T Matilda

2011 filly, as a newborn
dam: AQHA
and Bar Tee Wrangler as a Yearling


2011 Buckskin colt
dam: AQHA
and Bar Tee Hummer as a yearling

2011 colt as a new born
and Bar Tee Durango, as a weanling


2011 Dun filly
dam: "Aveo"

2011 filly
dam: AQHA, Bar Tee Moolan




2010 Foals



2010 Bay colt
dam: AQHA Palomino, Bar Tee JJ
and Bar Tee Snickers as a 2 yr old.
standing 15 hands

Bar Tee Snickers
(sired by Silverado Rein)
2010 Bay Appaloosa Stallion
pictured here at 2 yrs old.
standing around 15 hands

"Bon Bon"

2010 Bay Leopard filly
dam: AQHA
and Bar Tee Bon Bon as a 2 yr old
standing almost 15 hands.




2010 Buckskin colt
dam: AQHA Buttermilk Buckskin,
Bar Tee Glory


2010 Buckskin filly
dam: Bar T Matilda, AQHA Palomino

"Kit Kat"
2010 Bay filly
dam: ApHC mare, Bar Tee Dallas

2010 filly as a new born
dam: AQHA mare, Bar Tee CC
and Bar Tee Twix as a 2 yr old
(pictured to the right>)
standing right at 15 hands. 
She shed off Blue Roan.

Bar Tee Twix
2010 Blue Roan Appaloosa Filly.
Pictured at 2 yrs old, standing 15 hands.







2009 Foals



2009 colt
dam: ApHC Non-Characteristic mare,
Bar Tee Empriss


2009 colt as a newborn.
dam: ApHC, Bar Tee Tuo
and Bar Tee Sock It To Em as a yearling. 
He turned Blue Roan.


2009 Filly
dam: AQHA Bay mare, Bar Tee Angel


2009 filly
dam: AQHA mare, Bar Tee Leslie

2009 filly
dam: AQHA Bay mare, Bar Tee CC


2009 colt
dam: AQHA mare, Bar Tee Trilogy
and Bar Tee Romeo as a weanling

Calliefornia San

2009 filly
dam: AQHA Bay mare,
 Bar Tee Moolan

2009 Buckskin w/Blanket Colt
Dam: AQHA Palomino, Bar Tee JJ

Bar Tee Bit O Honey as a yearling


2009 colt
Dam: AQHA mare, Bar Tee Bonnie Lass


COLOR Possibilities

 Silverado Rein

+ Sorrel, Chestnut, Bay, or dark Bay/Brown Mares

= Appaloosa Foals will have a Base Color of
Black, Blue Roan, Bay, Bay Roan, Dark Bay/Brown,
or Dark Bay/Brown Roan

 Silverado Rein
+ Black or Smokey Black Mares 
= Appaloosa Foals will have a Base Color of
Black , Smokey Black, or Blue Roan every time 

 Silverado Rein
+ Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, Perlino,
or Smokey Cream mares 
= Appaloosa Foals will have a Base Color of
 Any of the Above listed colors, and could also be:
Buckskin, or Smokey Black







I'm still researching the pedigree, and gathering information.
Silverado Rein is mostly Appaloosa blood with some Quarter Horse mixed in several generations back.
The QH blood is Poco Bueno, Go Man Go, and other Cow and Speed horses.

He also has several famous Appaloosa ancestors.  I'll add more later...

here is his pedigree:

I'll add pedigree info later.....

-Bobbi's Rein
-Rein Weathers

photo given from current owner
-Deweys Storm
-son of:
Spotted Jim
-mare by:
Poco Joe Plaudit
(goes back to AQHA greats-
King, Wimpy, and Pretty Buck)
-Winter Rein
-Dewey Storm

-mare by:
Go Three Deep

who was by Go Man Go, and whos dam was by Depth Charge, out of a Three Bars daughter.
-Bobbis Last
-Ecsun Dance

-Injun Joe

-4JA Bobbi Plaudit
-Prince PL King 3
-4JA Jokers Misty  ApHC
-Bandidos Destiny
-Banditos Charlie

-Ttas Royal Exec
-Royal Exhibit

-Wapitis Ms Joker  ApHC
-Bandits Black Rose

-Cee Queen
(by son of Three Chicks, x Three Bars.
Also back to AQHA greats- King and Peppy on bottom side)
-Go Meyer Cindy

-Bold Print
-Sanskrit  ApHC
-Cindy Poco Bill  AQHA
(goes back to AQHA greats-
Poco Bueno, Wimpy, and Old Sorrel)
-Go Meyer Kim

-Go Meyer Jim
(by Spotted Jim)
Also goes back to AQHA greats- Go Man Go, Leo, Oklahoma Star.
-Miss Medora
(by Apache II)


 Some of the Appaloosas in Silverado Rein's pedigree:

Bold Print


Foaled: 1972 ApHC #173189
Color: Black Peacock Leopard
Height: 15.2hh
Sire of Point Earners


Spotted Jim

Spotted Jim, was a proven cutting horse and sire of other

halter and performance champions, including Watonga Jim

 and Jim's Wimpy Too. In 1964 and 1965, Spotted Jim was the

Kansas Halter Champion. In 1967 he sired Nugget Jim,

who was a grand champion at halter and a

western pleasure champion. In halter classes,

he won more than 75 first places and

40 grand championships and went on to

sire halter and performance champions.

In 1967 Go Meyer Jim was foaled,

who became a top show horse and sire.


Royal Exhibit

ApHC 260803
Natl Champion 2 yr Stallion 1979
Silver medallion, world & national champion.

Nat. champ./Grand champ.stallion/1981 World Champ./1981 aged Stallions.

Royal Exhibit was a 1977 chestnut w/ blanket stallion

with a pedigree of Three Bars, Ben Hur and double bred Johnny Dial.



Height: 15.2 Weight: 1250lbs

ApHC #34466
White with Spots over Body and Hips.

World Champion Sire, National Champion Sire,

Bronze Medallion Sire, ROM sire.

His pedigree goes back to Old Sorrel, and Joe Bailey.

He also goes back to Appaloosa greats

Apache and Hands Up.






Several photos from 2013 with a dirty summer coat.


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