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New  Fun Contests


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New in 2013.... We are offering some Fun Contests for Customers, Mare Owners, Barrel Racers, and Horse Friends who "LIKE" our Facebook Page.

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1.  FREE STUD FEES for 2014 season! 

All you have to do to be eligible for the drawing is to "LIKE" our Facebook page... and 'share' posts and pictures... !

2 Winners will be drawn. 

Dates of drawing - 1st drawing-  12/25/13  Christmas day!  (Winner was Brenda Niece (Brenda Troy) in Texas.
                          -  2nd drawing-  2/14/14  valentine's day!  (Winner was Linda Agee)

Winners will receive a FREE Stud Fee in 2014 to CHOICE of Stallions Standing at Bedonna's Stallion Station.
Cooled Shipped Semen will be shipped to Winner, so winner can be from Anywhere!
Conditions of Shipped Semen Breeding Contract do apply, and shipped semen charges will even be INCLUDED for 1st Semen Shipment!  Shipping Address for Semen Must be a USA Address within the Continuous 48 states. 

(Canadian customers would have the option of taking mare to a USA address for insemination)

Free Stud Fees may not be sold.  One winner per household.
*** If Winner of Contest has already booked/paid for a 2014 Stud Fee, then the moneys already paid will be REFUNDED to Winner!

Click here to see all stallions at stud.

2.  COUPONS of  $500. and $1000. off the listed price of a Foal or Yearling, will also be drawn from the list of people who have "LIKED" our page.  One coupon per customer.  To be eligible for Drawing... "LIKE" our Facebook Page!  and 'SHARE' our posts   ...  That's all!  Winning Coupons may not be sold.   Coupons must be used within 60 days of winning.

*** If winners have recently purchased a foal or yearling from Bedonna's Stallion Station, then the amount of the Coupon will be REFUNDED and Paid in Cash to the Coupon winner!

Jan. 1st, 2014- we had 3 winners!  All received a $500 coupon. 
1.  Darcy Oakley in California.   2.  Brandi Pierson-Miller in Oklahoma.  3.  Colleen Busby Harris in Utah.
March 17, 2014... we will have Another Drawing...
Next drawing-  TBA


3.  PHOTO CONTESTS...... We are going to have a Fun Photo Contest for Horse Customers, Mare Owners, Barrel Racers, and Horse Friends who "LIKE" our PAGE and SHARE our Posts/Pictures with Facebook Friends.
AWARDS given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place in Each Contest Division!  Over $1000 in Cash, Coupons, and Prizes to be awarded to Winners.

 No cost to enter.  Deadline for Entries - TBA soon.

Photo Contest Rules:

a.  To Enter one or all of the Categories... EMAIL PHOTOS to with PHOTO CONTEST in Subject line & Horse's name. Also, All Entries MUST Include Horse's registered Name, Year Foaled, Sire and dam's registered names, owner's name, and info about the photo. Tell us where photo was taken, rider's name, etc.... just tell us about the photo, and about the horse.
No limit on number of entries per person.  One Photo per email please, with all info.   Send in JPEG format, and reduce size of file if very large.
b.  Person submitting photos for contest must have taken photo or must have permission to submit the photo if taken by someone else.  Person entering contest gives Bedonna Dismore and/or Bedonna's Stallion Station permission to publish Winning Photos, and other entries on Website, web pages, advertising in magazines, or other media, and on social sites.

c.  Photo must be of a horse (or foal) that fits one or more of these categories...
     1. was PURCHASED from Bedonna's Stallion Station
     2. was a result of a BREEDING to one of the Stallions at Bedonna's Stallion Station, past or present, or SIRED by one of the Stallions Standing at  Bedonna's Stallion Station, Past or Present.

     3.  is a foal out of one of the Mares currently owned by Bedonna's Stallion Station.
d.  Photos may include Riders/Handlers (please include info about people in photo) and may also include Awards/Prizes won.  Include info about award.  Also, please tell us about your horse, and info about awards won, etc.
e.  Person must include Name, address, and phone number, so Winners can be contacted and receive awards.

FOALS - (Foal must be 12 months or younger in photo)

YEARLINGS & OLDER (horse is 12 months or older when photo taken)

ACTION & COMPETITION - Horses of any age, being shown or ridden in Competitions, Races, Ropings, Horse Shows, Horse Activities, etc.  Examples would include:  Going Around the Barrels, In the winners Circle after a race, Awards Presentation photos, running across a field, or other action or competition photos.

SILLY Photos - Photos at any age that are funny, silly, or just make you giggle. (Examples might include a horse sticking out his tongue, or with a silly face during a bubble bath, or dressed up for a costume contest, etc.)

BONUS of a $50 COUPON if you are one of the First 100 Entries of
the contest and are chosen as a winner!

EMAIL as Many photos as you want! 

Send each one in a separate email, with information about that photo.



Don't wait !  Send Now !  After we receive plenty of photos for the contest, we'll select  WINNERS ! 




Photo Tips:


1.  Pay attention to you lighting, and try to position your horse where the sunlight is hitting him/her on his side, with few/no shadows across his/her body.
This Buckskin colt has one picture with the sun on his whole body, and the other photo, the sun is behind him.
The Palomino filly has bad shadows in one, but the other is lit perfectly.
Bad/light from behind

shadows across body
Good/well lit

Great lighting

2.  Avoid distracting backgrounds when possible.  The same horse in a cluttered background vs. a pretty background makes a big difference in the eye appeal.

This is a picture that was corrected with a photo program.
The same horse... but the first with a distracting background, and the second...

he was placed in a pretty background.  Same horse (same photo)...
but much different eye appeal.


Distracting background
Pretty Background



3.  Don't stand too close too your horse, or too close to his/her head when taking the photo.  This will make your pretty horse look Distorted!

Here is an example of the SAME filly with the photo taken too close to the camera making her look distorted, and another picture taken within minutes of the other one... but further away from the camera...

4. A little grooming can make a BIG difference!  This colt was a pretty colt, but with Very Fuzzy ears!  Here is the same colt with clipped ears.  MUCH Better.  Although the background is distracting... the colt is much prettier with a little grooming.

Fuzzy Ears
Clipped Ears


Good Luck to All Entries!


The first Entries are already coming in....

Hot Digity Fancy Bug

1999 Sorrel gelding
Sire: My Hot Digity
Dam: Tickle My Fancy Bug
Rider: Joey Dodson
2009 Brown Filly

Sire: Skeezixs Bob
Dam:  JS Gray Nellie
2009 Buckskin Filly

2009 Buckskin
Sire: Mr Poco Jessie Tivio
Dam: Mz Tonto Bar Freckles

Admiral Goldmaker
APHA Perlino Tobiano stallion

Sire: Fancy King Goldmaker

Breeder: Bedonna Dismore
current owner: Ofelia Cardinez

Quote: "Thank you Bedonna with giving me the opportunity to make a dream come true. I never thought that I would get to own a breeding stallion of Admiral's quality. Because of you and all that you do - I am now the proud owner of this amazing, kind and talented horse. I also want to thank you for all the knowledge that you have shared and all the kindness you have shown me. You are one of a kind and one of the greatest ladies I have ever met".
Fired Up By Bully
2012 filly

Sire: Zanton Firewater
(by Fire Water Flit)
Dam: Isnt that Nice
(by Bully Bullion)
Breeder: Bedonna Dismore
Buyer: Jenna Walsworth
Honor N Diamonds
2011 filly

Sire: Honorable Fortune
(by Jet Of Honor)
Dam: MidnightSky Diamonds
(by Genuine As Diamonds)
Breeder: Bedonna Dismore
Buyer: Jenna Walsworth


See Face Book for additional entries...




Click here to see all stallions at stud.



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