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Bedonna E. Dismore

Phone number!
(580) 471-4040


Mailing address is:


Bedonna's Stallion Station & Performance Horses
21865  US Hwy 62
Snyder, OK 73566

NEW email
(as of 2/01/12):


Please put the name of the horse or description in the

Subject line.  If I don't know who or what it is... I will delete it.  Please do NOT say "Hi" or "Hello" because some Spam and viruses will use that for a subect.  Please put a horse's name or "Buckskin Filly" or something like that. 
If Emailing me... it may take a while for me to get back with you.  I sometimes get behind on emails, especially during the breeding and foaling season. If you need a quicker reply... Please phone me at
580-471-4040. Thanks, Bedonna





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