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- 44 Horses Sold in 2010  -



"Color Me Smart Gal"
Double Homozygous Granddaughter of Color Me Smart!
2009 APHA Dark Bay Tobiano Filly

Sire- Cruzin For Color
(Own Son of Color Me Smart)
This filly is beautiful, and also Homozygous for the Tobiano genes, and the Black base too!  EEAaTT
Congrats: Nikola, IL
'Fuel N Firewater'
AQHA 5314112 Cremello Stud Colt
Foaled 4/06/10 
(pictured here 9/07/10)

Sire: Zanton Firewater
(son of Fire Water Flit)
Dam: Okies Pretty Lady
(Oklahoma Fuel, Double L Straw, Leo bred)

Jumpin Strawfly
2002 AQHA Gray mare

Daughter of Strawfly Special, by Special Effort.  Also, Pie In The Sky, Rocket Bar, Disco Jerry, Top Moon bred.
Broke to ride.
Checked in Foal to Our Cash Policy, AAA son of Dash For Cash, for a 2011 foal.Will sell mare, in foal for 2011, and with FREE stud fee in 2011 to choice of studs for $4500
congrats: Erica, OK
Gas Up The Jet
1997 Brown mare

Daughter of Sticks An Stones, by Easy Jet.  Out of daughter of Tiny's Gay who is a full sister to dam of Dash Ta Fame.
Checked in foal to Our Cash Policy, AAA son of Dash For Cash, for a 2011 foal.
Will sell mare, in foal for 2011, and with FREE stud fee in 2011 to choice of studs for $5000 firm
congrats: Erica, OK

Playboys Smart Beauty
("Black Freckles')
2004 Black AQHA mare

By a son of Freckles Playboy who is out of a Peppy San daughter, and dam of this mare is a granddaughter of Smart Chic OLena and Boon Bar. Excellent pedigree top and bottom.   Bred back to Zach Blue for another Blue Roan in 2011.
Will sell mare, bred for another blue roan in 2011, and with free stud fee in 2011 for $2500 if sold soon.
congrats: Wendy, TN

'Im Dreamin Of Blue'
AQHA Blue Roan Colt
Foaled 5/15/10
pictured here 10/19/10

sire: Zach Blue
dam: Breezies Dream
sold: congrats: Wendy, TN

Grandson of
Marthas Six Moons
AQHA/APHA Buttermilk Buckskin Colt
Foaled 5/19/10
(pictured here 10/19/10)

Sire: Go To Moons
(by Marthas Six Moons)
Dam: Ms Golden Reference
AQHA/APHA Foundation and Performance bred mare.
This colt has a lot of size and bone.
'A Smart Lil Colonel'
AQHA 5230459
Double bred Colonel Freckles Filly!
Black filly Foaled 5/08/09
(pictured 9/24/10)

Sire- Skeezixs Bob (Black)
-grandson of Smart Little Lena. 
Also Colonel Freckles, Doc O"Lena, Dry Doc

Dam- Miss Freckles Tonto
(Red Roan)
(granddaughter of
Colonel Freckles
Great cattle or all-around prospect!
congrats: The Hewett family, TX
Grandson of The Ole Man!
Colt Foaled 5/16/10
(pictured here 9/09/10)

Sire: Mr Dakota Bear
(proven Barrel horse)
Dam: Ole Mans Speedette
(Daughter of the Ole Man from his Last Crop!,  by Three Bars)

Congrats: The Hewett family, TX

'Speedy Frenchman'
APHA 988002 Brown (nearly Black) Tob Colt
Grandson of Frenchmans Guy!
Foaled 6/06/10
(pictured on 10/19/10)

Sire:  Dats A Frenchman
son of Frenchmans Guy
Dam: No Speed Limit
Streakin Six, Easy Jet Too, Top Moon bred. 
$2800 nego.
Selling as Stallion prospect.
Sold. Congrats: Ashley, LA
San Trouble Missy
1995 AQHA Black

Foundation bred true Black mare.
She is a really good mom, gives lots of milk,
and raises a super good foal.
This mare is Extremely Fast!
 Checked in foal to Go To Moons for a 2011 foal. 
Will sell mare, in foal for 2011, and with FREE stud fee in 2011 to choice of studs for $2500 if sold soon.
Congrats: Ashley, LA

Grandson of Fire Water Flit!
AQHA Buckskin Stud Colt
Foaled 5/15/10
(pictured here 9/09/10)

Zanton Firewater
(son of Fire Water Flit)
Wanna Bet Me
(granddaughter of Dash For Cash, and also Easy Jet and Truly Truckle bred)
DNA Tested and he is Ee, so
he is a Buckskin.
Sold.  Congrats: Travis & Sarah, AR

AQHA Bay Colt, Foaled 5/12/10
(pictured here 7/18/10)

Sire: Jax French Frost
Dam: Hot Digity Wrangler
Congrats: Sonya, Indiana

Miss Marthas On Fire
2006 Buckskin AQHA mare

This gentle mare is HUGE!  16+ hands.
Sire is This Bullys On Fire, a Bully Bullion,
Firewater Flit, Go Man Go, Pacific Bailey stud. 
Dam is Won Dark Moon, AAA daughter of
Marthas Six Moons.
Congrats: Holly of Nebraska

AQHA Dark Bay/Brown Stud Colt
Foaled 5/10/10
(pictured here 9/09/10)

Sire:  Col Okie Leo
Dam: CSeven Quixotes Sugar
Package (sold)
Camellia Jo
2001 Buckskin AQHA mare
and her 2010 filly

Gorgeous mare.  Granddaughter of Smart Chic OLena, by Smart Little Lena.  Also, Rey Jay and Watch Joe Jack bred.   
2010 Filly at side by Little To Fancy, son of Smart Little Lena.
Checked In Foal to Zanton Firewater for a 2011 foal. 
Will sell the whole package for $4500 cash if very soon.
Congrats: Meriah, Iowa
'Colonel Smart Beauty'
AQHA 5230454
Double bred Colonel Freckles!
True Black Filly
Foaled 5/13/09
(pictured 9/05/10)

Sire: Skeezixs Bob
Dam: Jack Bouncers Beauty
Congrats: Jerry & Vicky, Iowa
AQHA Blue Roan Filly
Foaled 4/22/10 
(pictured here 7/22/10)

Sire: Zach Blue
(Blue Valentine, Hard Twist, Smarty Cat, Jaguar)
Dam: Playboys Smart Beauty
(Black Granddaughter of Freckles Playboy.  Also Peppy San, Smart Chic OLena, and Boon Bar bred)
She could also be Homozygous for Black.
Congrats: Jerry & Vicky, Iowa

AQHA Bay Stud Colt
Foaled 5/14/10
(pictured here 8/14/10)

Sire:  Jax French Frost
(by son of Frenchmans Guy, also Dash For Cash, Jet Deck bred)
Dam:  Action Cash Seeker
(granddaughter of Dash For Cash and Goldseeker Bars.  Also, Tiny Charger, Three Bars, Rocket Wrangler bred.)
Congrats: Sonya, Indiana
'Smart Litl Pawnee'
AQHA 5230460
Brown filly Foaled 5/14/09
(pictured on 3/12/10)

Sire- Skeezixs Bob -Black grandson of Smart Little Lena.  Also Colonel Freckles, Doc O"Lena, Dry Doc bred. (Black)
Dam- JS Gray Nellie
granddaughter of Pawnee Eagle & Double L Straw.  also Blondie's Dude, Poco Bueno bred.
Sold:  Congrats: Laura & Jim

 Stingray Of Sunshine, APHA 938076
2008 Bay Tobiano Filly

Sire- Quixotes Duel Pep, Bay Tobiano
ROM in Reining
Duel Pep, Doc Quixote, Peppy San Badger, Doc Bar bred.
Dam- Marg Bear Fajita, Black Tobiano
Pepsi Poco and Doc OLena  bred.
Super cute filly. 
Sold.  Congrats: Laura & Jim


AQHA Buckskin Stud Colt
Foaled 4/28/10
(pictured here 7/18/10)

Sire: Frenchmans Bully
(by Bullys On Fire, out of a daughter of Frenchmans Guy)
Dam: Gas Up The Jet 
(by Sticks An Stones out of a daughter of Tiny's Gay who is a full sister to the dam of Dash Ta Fame)  $4500
Congrats: Amy, Louisiana
Admiral Goldmaker APHA
June 2007 Perlino Tobiano Stallion

HOMOZYGOUS for TOBIANO and HOMOZYGOUS for CREAM!  He will always sire Spots and Color!
Big nice young stallion with a quiet disposition.
(click picture)  

Congrats: Ofelia of Arizona

 Grandson of Fire Water Flit!
Perlino Stud Colt
Foaled 5/08/09
(pictured on 7/12/10)

Zanton Firewater
(son of Fire Water Flit)
Dandy Silverheels
(Three Chicks, Leo San, Dick Sonoita bred)
Nice colt with a future as a barrel horse, then a great stallion prospect!  He will sire 100% Color!
DNA color testing complete and he is a Perlino!  EeA_CrCr. 

Congrats: Kelly, Alabama

Shots Flying Jewel
2000 Homozygous Tobiano mare

Has Shots Flying Spark on her papers.  She is
Homozygous for Tobiano, and negative for Agouti, eeaaTT. 
She has produced Black and Blue Roan paints!
Checked in foal to Zach Blue for another Blue Roan Paint in 2011.
Will sell mare, in foal for 2011, and with a FREE stud fee in 2011 for $2200 if sold by early Aug.
Sold.  Congrats: Sheila, TX
AQHA Sorrel Filly
Foaled 5/12/10
(pictured on 7/09/10)

Sire: Frenchmans Fury
(Son of Frenchmans Guy)
Dam: Isnt That Nice
(daughter of Bully Bullion,
 by Special Effort, out of a daughter of By Yawl, by Dash For Cash)

Jax French Frost

2007 AQHA Buckskin Stallion
Grandson of
Frenchman's Guy,
out of a
AA running mare who is
By Yawl si96, Dash For Cash si114, Jet Deck si100 and Jet Royale si98 bred.
(click picture)
Congrats: Amy of Virginia
AQHA Sorrel Colt
Foaled 5/28/10
(pictured at 6 wks old)

sire: Flit To Kill
Dam: Forever Flaming ("Miss Flame")
Granddaughter of Flaming Jet and Easily Smashed, by Easy Jet.
Congrats: Amy, in Louisiana
AQHA Palomino Filly
Foaled 4/20/10 
(pictured here 9/01/10)

Sire: Zanton Firewater
(son of Fire Water Flit)
Dam: Ms Digity Six Moons
(Marthas Six Moons, Easy Jet, Bugs Alive In 75 bred)
Congrats: Rhonda & Charlie, TX

AQHA Chestnut Colt
Foaled 4/25/10
(pictured here in July)

Sire: Zanton Firewater
(son of Fire Water Flit)
Dam: Dash For Azure Jet
(Calyx, Dash For Cash, Easy Jet mare)   2500
Congrats: Rhonda & Charlie, TX
Poco Jessie Creme
2009 Perlino Stud Colt
(Pictured at 3 mo old)

Sire: Mr Poco Jessie Tivio
Dam: Peppys Mello Creme
Congrats: Thomas of TX
AQHA Black Filly
Foaled 5/16/10
(pictured here at 2 days old)

Sire:  Col Okie Leo
Dam: Jack Bouncers Beauty
(Granddaughter of Colonel Freckles)  $1800

Jack Bouncers Beauty
1991 Black AQHA mare

Granddaughter of Freckles Playboy!
Filly at side by Col Okie Leo.

Roses Fuel
'96 Palomino Mare

Daughter of Oklahoma Fuel.
I've kept one of her daughters to add to my breeding program.

Peponita Blu Hancock

'04 AQHA Blue Roan Mare

Okla. Star, Bert, Hancock,

Peponita, Poco Tivio bloodlines. 
Big, tall, true blue mare.

Foundation & Cutting bloodlines.  Checked in foal to Col Okie Leo for a guaranteed Black or Blue Roan foal in 2010.
$3900  SOLD
Congrats: Carrie, OKla

Kings Wana Folly
97 Sorrel Mare

King and Poco Bueno on

papers!  Super good producing mare.
Checked In-Foal to Mr Poco Jessie Tivio, for another Guaranteed Buckskin Foal in 2010.
$3500 SOLD
Congrats to Linda, of Okla. on your 4th purchase

Moon Perks
2008 Chestnut AQHA filly

Sired by the late PERKS MASTER!
($60,480.00 Barrel Earnings)
he is by Dash For Perks.
Takin On The Cash on Dam's side.
She has not been started under saddle yet.
$2500  SOLD
Congrats: Kay W. of Okla

LS Lenas Poco Trixie
'04 Chestnut Tobiano

Her SIRE has several ROMs in many events!  Doc O'Lena, Diamond Chex,
QT Poco Streke breeding. 

SOLD_ Congrats: Kellee of WY

"Color Me In Style"
Homozygous Grandson of

Excellent Stallion Prospect
Foaled 2/07/09
(pictured here at 6 mo old)

Sire- Cruzin For Color
(Homozygous son of
Color Me Smart
Dam- Oregon Beauty
Very nice made Homozygous mare with an outstanding Performance Pedigree.
This handsome big colt is Homozygous for Tobiano and will sire 100% Paint Foals!  EeAaTT.
Great Stud Prospect!
$1800  sold
Congrats: Cliff, of CO
Smart Litl O Hickory
AQHA 5230461
Bay Stud Colt Foaled 6/20/09

Sire- Denim Hickory
Dam- Camellia Jo
Congrats: Carrie, TX


Cardinos Lil Angel
"Roan Angel"

2000 Bay Roan AQHA mare

Blue Valentine, Happy Hancock,

Approx 94% Foundation.

ALL her foals have been Roan but one.
 Congrats: Jessie, OK

'Mr Angels Valentine'
Bay Roan Stud Colt

Sire- Zach Blue
Dam- Cardinos Lil Angel
Congrats: Misty, TX
Peppy Pawnee Badger
1999 Red Dun Mare

Granddaughter of High Brow Hickory.

 Congrats: Jessie, OK

Kellys Passinem

92 AQHA Black ("Pass")

Passem Up, Three Chicks,

Easy Jet, Noholme II
Mare was very broke to ride before becoming a broodmare.
She is Homozygous Black.

Congrats: Jessie, OK


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