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Freeze Branding

Here at the ranch... I've been branding horses for myself, and occasionally for friends... for around 30 years.
I've had many people, including Vets, tell me my brands turn out very good.

I'm considering offering Freeze Branding services for other people.

If you or someone you know needs horses Freeze branded... please let me know.

Thanks, Bedonna


Benefits to Freeze Branding Horses

*  Horses that are Branded are seldom ever stolen.   Branding is a Huge Anti-Theft tool.   Branded horses can be easily Identified, and thieves don't want to get caught, so they don't want to steal horses too easy to Identify.
*  In case of an emergency, such as a tornado, hurricane, flood, or fire, where horses can get loose and are lost.  Positively being able to identify a lost animal can make all the difference in recovering that animal.
*  Much as an Artist signs his/her paintings or art work... many Horse Breeders take pride in producing great horses, and Branding with a 'Ranch Brand' will forever show the world where the horse came from.
*  Some Brands are used on horses for Individual Identification.  At our ranch, small numbers are used to identify the sire and dam of each foal.  This can be useful for many reasons.   I can even help people determine the identity of horses from my ranch if the papers are lost. 
*  Freeze branding causes very minimal discomfort to the horse.  (I will Not use a hot brand, or fire brand on an animal.  I think it is cruel.)




I Freeze Brand all my horses, instead of 'fire-branding'. 
Freeze branding takes a lot more time and money than 'fire-brands', but it is worth it.  It causes very little pain to the horse.  It stings for just a second when the brand touches the skin, then the skin instantly goes numb from the cold.  The skin receives a mild 'frost-burn' which effects the hair follicles.  Thus, resulting in white hair coming back instead of colored hair, or no hair coming back if branded for a longer time.
I will Not Fire-brand a horse.  Fire-brands use heated metal that actually burns the flesh causing bleeding, a wound, and eventually a scar.
Fire-brands are cruel and cause significant pain, during and after branding, and leave a horrible wound and scar.

Here are several pictures of actual freeze brands.

Before branding, the hair is clipped short, and the skin cleaned.
The brand is applied for an exact amount of time.
 Immediately after the brand comes off, the skin is indented.

After a few minutes, the skin is puffy where it was branded.  That's it.  Nothing tragic. 
There are no open wounds like Fire Branding.  No bloody, painful wounds to get infected like Fire brands.

After several days, the skin gets dry, and looks like a mild 'Sun Burn' with dry skin.

Only when his tail is moved to the side can this colt's numbers be seen.  He has a 143 on his right butt, and a 17 on his left butt.
These brands were done several days prior to the photos.  Here, the skin is in the 'dry stage' and will eventually get flakey, and then eventually be more visible.

a couple brands several days, and a few weeks after branding

We often brand a number on our broodmares for permanent Identification


This gelding was rescued from a sale barn/kill pen, after being stolen....
Because he was Branded, and someone recognized the B and contacted me.
I didn't own his when he was stolen, but I was able to rescue him.


Ranches have been branding Cattle and Horses for years....

We own or have owned horses from many famous ranches....




We take pride in our horses, and all are horses are Freeze Branded



We have all the supplies, equipment, and experience to Freeze Brand horses



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