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Rainbow Acres
Retired Horses


Here at our ranch... we raise and breed horses,

but we also have many retired and aged horses here.
Retired race horses, retired show horses, retired breeding horses, retired ranch horses... etc.
These horses are older, and need special care,

but they have a home here for the rest of their days.

Meet some of our current and past retired horses




Tickle My Fancy Bug

'90 AQHA Sorrel mare


Granddaughter of Bugs Alive In 75.

I have 2 of her daughters by
Mr Poco Jessie Tivio
in my broodmare band now.



1984 gray QH gelding.
He has been with us since 1998.

"Zach Blue"
1988 Blue Roan stallion

This stallion was rescued/purchased
at the age of 17 and after months of rehab...
he became one of my main
stallions for the breeding program. 
He sires beautiful foals.
He is semi retired now,
and we only offer limited
Breedings with him ...

My Hot Digity
1992 chestnut

I raised this wonderful horse from birth, and he was sold in 2008.
I thought he was going to a great home, or I wouldn't have sold him.
But, he was later seized with 77 other starving and dying horses in Texas.
He was identified by his brand.
He now makes his home with us again, and he'll live out his days here.

Several of his daughters, granddaughters, and grandsons are part of my current breeding program.



1998 Palomino gelding

Super nice cow horse,
but due to a shoulder problem,

he is retired,

and has been for many years.











Blue Zippo

Zippo had a horrible previous life, and came to me as a 4 year old with a ton of trust issues.  After many years he trusted me completely but I couldn't bear to think of him in a bad home again, and he stayed with me until his last days.


"Miss Jenny"

"Miss Jenny" was my first donkey.
She helped me perfect my "Donkey-Time" foal training system.
her age was unknown,

but we lost her in 2012.


"Hickory Girl"
Hickorys Tenina

93 Sorrel- My old Penning Mare

Docs Hickory, Mr San Peppy,

King, Doc Bar...

 She was a team penning horse
and also raised several nice foals.

Now retired.


Whata Beduino
1994 APHA mare

"Beduino" raised a few foals for us, and then retired.
Her part-time job after retirement was to help "tease" young stallions to help train them to collect on the phantom.




"Old Rocket"
First Class Flyer

Daughter of Rocket Wrangler.
I have several of her daughters
and granddaughters
in my breeding program now.








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