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Owner- Bedonna Dismore, Snyder, OK 580-471-4040


Stallion At Stud



2013 Reg. Sec. A Welsh Pony Stallion
Rare Black/Dun/Cream/Roan Stallion!

"Traveler" is an amazing pony.
He has amazing movement, and great dispostion.
His first foals were born in 2016, and they are Outstanding!

Here are several photos of his first foals!

Keeping him for a stallion
Little Boy Blue
2016 Blue Roan,
minimal Tobiano Colt + Cream?

dam- 3/4 welsh blue roan
minimal Tobiano mare

2016 Bay Roan Filly
Pure-Bred Sec. A Welsh

The dam of this filly is a pure-bred
Sec. A Welsh mare.

Keeping for a broodmare
Sweet Peaches N Cream
Red Dun Roan Tobiano filly
Dam- Tob. Half Welsh mare

This filly is dearly Loved by my Daughter,
and we plan to keep her a while

More 2016 Foals sired by
(owned by other people)

 Bay Roan Filly and Blue Roan Filly
dams are pony mares

 Buckskin Dun Filly
dam-Welsh mare

Grullo Foal
dam- is a pony mare

 Palomino Filly
dam is a 13.3 hand mare

Black Pinto pony filly
dam- Bay Pinto pony mare


Blue Roan filly
dam- Welsh mare
Palomino Foal, and Grullo Colt
dams and pony mares

Blue Roan, minimal Tobiano
dam- half Welsh pony mare

Bay or Bay Dun Colt
Grullo Foal and Blue Roan foal
dams- pony mares
Bay Roan filly
dam- Wwlsh pony mare

  Grullo Colt with
minimal Tobiano markings
dam- Tobiano pony mare
 Blue Roan Foal
dam- Welsh pony mare
Palomino, Palomino Dun,
or Palomino Roan filly
dam- large pony mare

             his pedigree







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