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- KCS Ghost Dancer -


2006  Smokey Cream Homozygous Tobiano PONY Stallion

Registered PINTO Pony stallion.

47" Tall    EeaaTTCrCr

Homozygous for Tobiano and Cream

"Dancer" will stand at stud at our facility starting in 2016.
We are very excited about having him with us.
He has been bred almost exclusively to Welsh and Welsh cross mares with his previous owner, but we plan to offer him to all breeds, including larger breeds of mares.

On-Farm A.I. along with Cooled Shipped Semen Offered.

$500 Stud Fee
Fee Includes the first Shipment of Cooled Semen,
OR, the first Collection and A.I. on the farm.

2017 On-Farm Breeding Agreement

2017 Cooled Shipped Semen Agreement

2017 Stallion List/Stud Fees

Photos of FOALS Sired by KCS Ghost Dancer

 Newborn Pony Colt
Smokey Black Tobiano

Dam is a 13+ hand pony mare

Pony Colt
Palomino Tbiano
Dam is a Section A Welsh pony mare

 Pony Filly
Perlino or Smokey Cream (Double-Dilute) Tobiano filly

Dam is a Section A Welsh pony mare
Double-Dilute Tobiano Filly
Dam was a Section A Palomino pony mare
Two weanling Ponies with winter coats
Smokey Black Tobiano Colt, and Palomino Tobiano filly
I think Dams were Shetland ponies
 newborn pony filly
Smokey Black Tobiano

Dam is a Section A Welsh pony mare


Smokey Black Tobiano foal

Dam is a Section A Welsh pony mare

Cremello (Double-Dilute) Tobiano filly
Dam was a Palomino Shetland mare

Palomino Tobiano Foal
Dam was a Red Roan pony mare

Two Pony Foals
Palomino Tobiano Foal and a Double Dilute Tobiano Foal
Dam of foal on Left was a red based Pony mare, and the
 dam of foal on Right was a Palomino Pony mare
  Newborn Smokey Black Tobiano Colt
Dam was a large pony mare

This fancy filly is by Dancer
Photo on left as a weanling, and photo on right when she was Grown, as a 3 year old, standing around 13 hands
DAM of this filly is a 15 hand registered ARAB mare, shown in background of 2nd photo.

Pedigree for- KCS Ghost Buster
(more info coming soon)


Buckskin Tobiano
pony stallion


Palomino Tobiano
ASPC Pony mare




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