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Please meet my "Trainers".  They are currently my only employees.
They halter train my foals every year, and with 40 to 90 foals each year... they are Valuable Employees!

My first helper, "Miss Jenny" who has been with me for many years.

My next two helpers are related.  I bought them together a couple years after I got Miss Jenny.  They did not have names, and so I named them "Pete" and "Repeat".

"Brownie" is my newest addition to the training team, and he is a great trainer.

Halter Training...
After weaning, I try to make sure each foal gets some "Donkey Time".   I make a custom sized Rope Halter for the foal, and then I tie the Foal to a Donkey for a couple of days. 

These Donkeys have been selected for their gentleness, calmness, and patience.  They are great at their jobs of educating the foals.  My Donkeys teach the foals to respect the pull of the halter, to lead on a loose rope, to stand tied for hours, to drink and eat when it is offered, and patience... lots of patience!

Here are a few pictures of my "Trainers" in action...

"Repeat" has this colt cooperating nicely.

"Brownie" teaching this colt to lead briskly on a loose rope.

"Miss Jenny" teaching this filly to stand quietly for hours.

My Donkeys can teach these foals more in 48 straight hours of constant education, then I can in 4 weeks.  I run the ranch all by myself, and so I have very little or no time for anything extra.   I need help from my "Trainers".  (The Donkeys are NOT for sale.)

Stallion Training....

I've been asked by many stallion owners about training a stallion to mount a "Dummy" and be collected.  I've trained several stallions to do this, and now will consider training other stallions to be collected.  Semen analysis can also been done at the same time as the training.  Stallions must be respectful and safe.
Also, all stallions that are brought here for training MUST have been tested and found to be Negative for the EVA virus, AND Vaccinated for EVA following the test, AND must have followed the Vaccination with the 30 day quarantine required, prior to arriving here at the ranch.   Proof of tested and vaccination required.  They must also be recently vaccinated for all other vaccines, and have a new negative Coggins test.  No Exceptions.


Training under Saddle...

This trainer is in the area...

Due to time restrictions and facilities, I'm not currently doing any training.  However, a friend of mine,
Von Woodress, does a lot of colt starting and we have admired his quiet training methods for years.  He is the only person in my area that I know, that I would trust to start one of my horses.  Von is located at Altus, OK and has been training horses for over 50 years.   He specializes in starting 2 yr olds, and getting them under saddle.  He is quiet and gentle with the horses and tries to teach them in a calm and respectful way.  His goal is to start them without ever having them buck.

Von uses a Round Pen to start his training. 

He often drives the colts before he rides them.

The Round Pen is very safe and has rubber along the bottom to protect the horses from injury.

Von starts them gentle, and trusting, and they seldom ever buck even on the first ride.

Von then graduates from the Round Pen to a larger Arena sized pen when the horse is ready. 
This is a 2 yr old Buckskin  filly I raised that he is riding.

If you need a horse trained, please call Von Woodress at: (580) 482-6462 at Home
or he might be available on his Cell... if he's Not in the saddle... at (580) 481-9860.

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