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Well, this is something new...  Gifts and Art work... 


I am once again offering Custom Artwork to people.  I stopped doing artwork a few years

ago after a house fire destroyed everything I had.  Original Artwork, supplies, everything,

but the clothes I was wearing, and my Horse Registration Papers I was able to save from the flames.  That was it.  The rest was all turned to ashes.  My inspiration for doing artwork

was gone, and it has taken me a while to get back.  Well, I'm back.

One of the things I love the most is doing an original piece of artwork from a photo.  I create an original piece of art that you can frame and keep, or give as a gift. 

My favorite is Portraits of Horses.

Art styles, and sizes of work are up to you.  My favorite media is 'prisma' colors on

brown paper (see horse below), but several different medias are possible. 

I like realistic images, and try to create images you think you can 'touch'. 

Horses are my specialty, but I have also done bulls, deer, etc. 

I can also paint on the back of blue-jean jackets, dusters, etc.

Here are a few drawings I did with prisma color on paper.


If you have an idea for an original piece of artwork, please call me at 580-471-4040

to discuss it, and I will need you to mail me the photographs that you wish me to use for

the drawing or painting.  Bedonna's Artwork, 21865 US Hwy 62, Snyder, OK 73566.


Another thing that I have been doing lately, is creating nice photographs, and then making

gifts from them.  Examples, are putting pictures on Mouse Pads, Mugs, Caps, Shirts, etc. 

If you need help with creating a special and unique gift, maybe I can offer my services.

I'll try to get some examples soon...


email me at:  or call 580-471-4040  for more information,

and to place orders. 

Visa/Mastercard accepted with 5% processing fee.


Since I do my artwork from photographs...  I've been asked about photos as much

as I've been asked about the art itself.  Taking a good picture can be tricky.  Lighting, background, getting the horse to stand in a way to complement his or her qualities, and all the tiny things that make a great horse look like a great horse in his or her photo.  And then there are the photo retouching tools like removing lead ropes and handlers from the photo to add the finishing touches to a great photo.

Too may times I see people take poor pictures of a horse... and the end result is that a great looking horse, with a pretty head, good conformation and huge butt...  looks like a poor quality horse, with a big head, crooked legs, and skinny butt... all due to the photo!  I can help with

this too.  If you want me to take pictures of your horse, I can do that too.  I'm not a

professional, but I have had LOTS of practice. 
Almost all my photos on my site were taken by me.  This photo was taken by me, and then I did photo retouching to it to remove a fence, telephone pole, and a car in the distance from the background.  I also removed my husband's arm, and the lead rope along with my husband's shadow.... and the result is a great picture.


Photo Retouching

Have you ever taken the perfect photo, but then after it is developed or downloaded, you discover that there is a telephone pole growing out of your horse's back, a bush sprouting from his nose, and the wind blew his mane up, at just the wrong time?  Well, I can help.  I can make some adjustments to your photo and make your horse's photo picture perfect!

Well, maybe not Perfect, but I can help make it better.... 

Here is an example of changes to a photo to make it better...

This picture was taken with poor lighting, and a few background problems.

How many changes can you see??

There are over 10 changes.  Can you see them all?

Click here for Many more examples of

Photo Retouching

I can also create really neat images from digital photos.  Here is a banner I created from photos of some of my stallions.


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