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Riding Horses
My best friend Carrie Dodson, in Quanah, TX. has Riding horses for sale most of the time.  In addition to something she may have of her own, she also consigns horses and markets them for friends, etc.  If you are looking for a riding horse, call Carrie at
Or, go to her website at

(Be sure and contact her about what she has, because her website is usually not current.)

Veterinary Services

The Veterinarian Clinic that handles any needs at Bedonna's Performance Horses is:


Dr. Jim Bentley DVM

Horse Haulers...
I get questions all the time about horse haulers, and getting horses hauled for buyers.  I used to call all my hauler contacts and get quotes, but due to limited time, I'm going to list all my hauler numbers for you, and you can call them and discuss details directly.    Most will charge by the mile.  You will need to know my location (Snyder, OK 73566) when you can for a quote and also the destination of the horse so they can calculate the route and miles. 

The following list is in no particular order.


Pat Downing  602-717-6577
I've personally used this hauler for picking up horses for me, and bringing them here to my ranch.  Several of my customers over many years have also used him with no complaints.  He also offers discounts for multiple horses.  He is very comfortable hauling young horses too.


HORSE TAXI   (817) 573-6159

Professional Horse Hauling, and Transporting Company. 
Now Based out of Texas.

Regular trips from the Texas-Oklahoma area, across the SW states,

and back to the West Coast.

Contact them by calling Linda Nelson, at , or visit their website at:


Linda at Horse Taxi recommended a company that has regular routes up the East Coast.

Contact Rick and Marene out of West Virginia, at (615) 389-3487.

Gary Mitchell

I was given this man's number recently as a contact for horse hauling needs. 
He coordinates haulers and horse people, and can help coordinate hauling needs.
His number is 530-365-2661, and he is out of California.
His website is

Wayne Ukon   405-641-2562
He was recommended to me by another hauler.  He is based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma, so can usually give competitive quotes since he is near here already. 

Triple H Transport   405-386-7586

Brenda is usually the one I speak to for quotes.  They are based out of McCloud, Oklahoma.  They also offer discounts for multiple horses.  They can also give better prices for people willing to meet them in route.

Dennis Winn   405-834-2008
I think another hauler gave me his number.  He is based out of central Oklahoma.

3BL Transport   800-982-2208
Their number was given to me by another hauler.  They are based out of Wichita Falls, Texas, which is a little over an hour from me.   They have a little different price system.  The last time I talked to them, this is what they told me...
Under 1000 miles is usually $480 to $500.
Over 1000 miles- must get a quote.
They also offer discounts for multiple horses.

Teeples & Beeline Transport   office- 801-446-7723

Their number was given to me by another hauler.  They mostly do the West Coast areas.  They come over to the Texas Oklahoma area, and back across the West coast, and return, etc.

Connie Holmes   541-582-6531 or  541-441-8872
I met her when a customer hired her to haul a stallion they bought from me to their place.  She said I could call her for quotes.  Also, she uses email a lot, so reaching her by email is sometimes faster.  Email address is


If you know if a reliable and safe hauler... please forward me their information so I can add them to my list.


The following are links to other sites that you might enjoy.

M-Bar-K Farms
This site links to one of my customers' site.  They train horses, and

give riding lessons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

To go to M-Bar-K Farms Click Here

Here is a new site that might interest some of you.  I was asked by the owner to add info about it to my site.

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